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Lazypinkwhale Art Performance at London Sewol Protest in June

Seoul artist Lazypinkwhale (Cyin Juuk)‘s art performance at the monthly Sewol protest in Trafalgar Square last Saturday. It was great having you around LPW, please come again!

Music: The Jam ‘The Place I Love’ (excerpts)

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Janggu Performance at Third Anniversary Protest

Ms Jihye Kim, Professional Janggu (Korean traditional drum) player, performed at the Third Anniversary Protest in London.

How to make a yellow Sewol butterfly

Several artists used yellow butterflies to depict the student-victims in their triubute artwork. Some people started sending origami yellow butterflies, some with messages written on, to Gwanghwanmoon, Seoul, Korea.

There is a step-by-step video guid on YouTube for you to give a try.


“Diving Bell ; The Truth Shall Not Sink with Sewol” (Director’s cut / free release)

– invited by Busan International Film Festival (2014) and Salaya International Film Festival (2015)
– Grand Prix at Fukuoka Asian Film Festival (2015)

The Sewol ferry with 476 passengers onboard sank on April 16th, 2014. The passengers waited still, believing the statement “Wait in the cabin” from the captain.  However, at the same time the captain party boarded lifeboats in secret.

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Sewol ferry tragedy: Lies, corruption, and struggle for the truth

Sewolho Munchen invited Ms Baek Gayoon of 416 Coalition and People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy to speak in Munich about Sewol disaster on 24 October 2015.  She explains all the major issues from the very start of the tragedy on 16 April 2014 up until October 2015.  The beleaguered family members and their supporters around the world are still striving to find the justice.

Interview with Paul Schneiss

Extract of an interview with Paul Schneiss in September 2014
The original clips and interview can be viewed at

[Documentary] Fahrenheit 416

Director Kim Ji-young and Kim Ou-joon as a Producer are making a documentary on the Sewol ferry disaster titled, “Fahrenheit 416”, with a view to releasing in September 2015.

Project BU to fund the documentary:

Fahrenheit 416 trailer:

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