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Global Community Remembering Sewol 1000th Day

The global community is putting their actions together to commemorate the 1000th day since the Sewol Ferry Disaster on 16th April 2014.

7th January 2017

Chicago, USA

Frankfurt, Germany

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Global Actions for Sewol 1000th Day

The global community is putting their actions together to commemorate the 1000th day since the Sewol Ferry Disaster on 16th April 2014.

Nearly three years have passed but no independent and transparent inquest was carried out to date. Park Guen-hye’s government did not hide their desire to end the enquiry into the disaster as quickly as possible with taking as little responsibility as possible or none.  Continue reading “Global Actions for Sewol 1000th Day”

Sewol Families Visiting Europe

On 16th April 2014 the South Korean passenger ferry MV Sewol sank en route to Jeju Island, taking the lives of 304 people, mostly high school children.  As the Korean public watched live pictures of the ship dangerously listed and slowly sinking,  authorities responsible for rescue acted with confusion and inertia.  An inexplicable announcement through news media that all passengers had been rescued set the tone for ineptitude that has characterised the handling of one of South Korea’s biggest disasters.

The parents and campaigners visiting Europe between 3 and 15 May 2016 hope to reach as many people as possible to highlight their struggle for truth.   Continue reading “Sewol Families Visiting Europe”

2nd Anniversary of Sewol Disaster event in Berlin

Sewol Berlin has organised a screening of “Upside Down” documentary followed by a Q & A session with parents of two student-victims and activists from the coalition 4.16 on the Sewol Ferry Disaster.

Date & time:  06. May 2016, 19.00
Venue: Werkstatt der Kulturen, Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin
Admission is free, but please register at

Further details are available at the Sewol Belin blog.


세월호 그 후 2년….

2nd anniversary events in Berlin, Germany


Auf der Webseite der KOREA VERBAND finden Sie die Informationen zu der Veranstaltung auch auf Deutsch.

세월호 그 후 2년…. 하지만 해결된 것은 없고 여전히 가족분들은 진실을 위해 싸우고 계십니다. 이에 베를린에서 두 개의 행사를 준비하였습니다. 많은 관심과 참여를 부탁합니다.

  1.  4월15일 – 뉴스타파와 세월호
  2.  5월 6일 – 유가족 간담회 및 영화상영


세월호 2주기 행사  |  제 1부

KV_sewol2016_NEWSTAPA_0321진실은 침몰하지 않는다  | 뉴스타파와 세월호

일시:  2016년 4월 15일(금), 19 시

장소:  Werkstatt der Kulturen, Wissmannstr. 32, 12049 Berlin


2014년 발생한 세월호 침몰로 대한민국의 미디어 지형이 변화하였다. 기존 언론들이 정부의 발표를 보도한 반면 탐사 저널 형식의 뉴스타파는 정부가 발표하지 않은 가려진 진실을 밝히기 위해 노력하였다.

대한민국에서 의사 표현 및 언론의 자유가 점차 퇴보하고 있으나 독어권 미디어를 비롯한 세계 언론에는 이러한 상황이 잘 알려지지 않았다. 2014년 4월 16일 대한민국 해상에서 발생한 세월호 침몰사건은 국민뿐만 아니라 대한민국 미디어에도 비극적 사건이 되었다. 국내의 수많은 주류언론은 정부의 발표를 그대로 보도하였고, 이를 비판하는 사람들의 의견은 정부…

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The 2nd Anniversary Global Events

Events marking the 2nd anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster will take place globally, currently planned in 30 cities outside South Korea.

In London, we have held a silent protest at Trafalgar Sq every third Saturday since the tragedy, and this year the second anniversary falls on a Saturday.

On 16th April we will gather once again outside the National Gallery (North side of Trafalgar Square) from 2pm for our monthly ‘Stay Put’ silent protest. Please join us on this significant day, and show the Sewol families that we still remember them and support them.  Continue reading “The 2nd Anniversary Global Events”

Sewol ferry tragedy: Lies, corruption, and struggle for the truth

Sewolho Munchen invited Ms Baek Gayoon of 416 Coalition and People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy to speak in Munich about Sewol disaster on 24 October 2015.  She explains all the major issues from the very start of the tragedy on 16 April 2014 up until October 2015.  The beleaguered family members and their supporters around the world are still striving to find the justice.

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