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Photos from 21st ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent protest

On 16th January 2016, we held the 21st ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent monthly protest to remember the Sewol disaster on 16 April 2014 and demand an independant inquiry and proper anti-disaster regulations from the South Korean government.

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Support messages to Korean ‘Comfort Women’ | OhMyNews reports that in response to the controversial agreement on ‘comfort women’ issues between governments of Korea and Japan, many sent messages supporting the Korean victims who said that it is a betrayal and they will continue their fight.


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Justice for ‘Comfort Women’ protest on 6 January 2016

20th ‘Stay Put’ monthly Sewol silent protest in London

Please note the next protest in December will be on the 2nd Saturday of the month as several regular attendees, including a family member of one of the Sewol victims, will be away for the Christmas break from the following weekend. Subsequent protests will continue on 3rd Saturdays of the month as usual in 2016.

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Photos from 19th ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent protest

The Sewol Ferry Tragedy Exhibition

“The Sewol Ferry Tragedy Exhibition”

Exhibition Date: Nov 28th – Dec 5th, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, Nov 28th, 6-8pm
Venue: Space Gabi, 290 5th Ave, NYC

12239882_10207693854041806_1716998082426592051_n 1797345_10207693848921678_5041144516499247744_n

It has been 570 days.
9 people are still missing,
The Sewol ferry has not been recovered.
Please don’t forget April 16th, 2014.
Come experience the dreams those children had.

This special “Sewol Ferry Tragedy Exhibition” will be held in memory of those lost on April 16th, 2014. Three hundred and four people (mostly high school students) died in the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. Nine people are still missing. The ferry has not been recovered. Above all, no one knows the truth behind this tragedy.

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Urgent Action Call | Amnesty International

Amnesty International Germany called for urgent action to drop all charges against Park Rae-goon and Kim Hye-jin who helped to organise protests seeking justice for the victims and families of the Sewol ferry disaster.

The original statement (in German) is available at Amnesty International Germany website.


Urgent Action

Human rights defenders Park Rae-goon and Kim Hye-Jin both face imprisonment. They have helped organise protests seeking justice for the victims and families of victims of the SEWOL ferry. The proceedings against them commenced on October 14th, 2015, with the verdict being expected in December.  Continue reading “Urgent Action Call | Amnesty International”

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