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BBC – Outlook | Voice of Father of One of Student-Victims

Gyounggeun Yoo, father of one of the Sewol disaster student-victims, was interviewed by Jo Fidgen of Outlook, BBC World Service at the Broadcasting House on 10 May. It was the first day of his visit to the UK as part of European tour.

Mr Yoo and Ms Yoon who also lost her daughter in the disaster visited many cities in Europe including Berlin, London, Rome and Paris, to highlight their struggle for truth. They want not only justice for the victims but proper safety laws and regulations to ensure that such a disaster could not happen again. They hope to learn from those affected by similar disasters and from campaign groups fighting injustices.

The interview is now available to listen at
(from around 13 mins 18 secs for 10 minutes).


  1. Meeting the families of Hillsborough disaster victims in Liverpool

BBC North West Tonight reported the meeting of two families and brief summary of the Sewol ferry disaster.

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  1. A telephone pre-interview with BBC at Eurostar terminal immediately after their arrival to London

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[Leaflet] Overview of the Sewol Disaster

Prepared for the Sewol Families visiting Europe in May 2016 by the Coalition 4/16 on the Sewol Disaster



Available in PDF

[Leaflet] Two Years Since the Disaster


Available in PDF

London Sewol Campaign with Sewol Families on 10 May

Calling all Londoners to join in to support the families!!cam-london (1)

Sewol families touring Europe will arrive London on 10 May and they requested to have a street campaign to distribute leaflets and Yellow ribbons to public.

The meeting point is Northside of Trafalgar square (outside National Gallery).

Thanks to Suna Lim from SewolBerlin for designing the above web-poster.

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