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BBC – Outlook | Voice of Father of One of Student-Victims

Gyounggeun Yoo, father of one of the Sewol disaster student-victims, was interviewed by Jo Fidgen of Outlook, BBC World Service at the Broadcasting House on 10 May. It was the first day of his visit to the UK as part of European tour.

Mr Yoo and Ms Yoon who also lost her daughter in the disaster visited many cities in Europe including Berlin, London, Rome and Paris, to highlight their struggle for truth. They want not only justice for the victims but proper safety laws and regulations to ensure that such a disaster could not happen again. They hope to learn from those affected by similar disasters and from campaign groups fighting injustices.

The interview is now available to listen at
(from around 13 mins 18 secs for 10 minutes).


  1. Meeting the families of Hillsborough disaster victims in Liverpool

BBC North West Tonight reported the meeting of two families and brief summary of the Sewol ferry disaster.

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  1. A telephone pre-interview with BBC at Eurostar terminal immediately after their arrival to London

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Photos from 21st ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent protest

On 16th January 2016, we held the 21st ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent monthly protest to remember the Sewol disaster on 16 April 2014 and demand an independant inquiry and proper anti-disaster regulations from the South Korean government.

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Sewol ferry tragedy: Lies, corruption, and struggle for the truth

Sewolho Munchen invited Ms Baek Gayoon of 416 Coalition and People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy to speak in Munich about Sewol disaster on 24 October 2015.  She explains all the major issues from the very start of the tragedy on 16 April 2014 up until October 2015.  The beleaguered family members and their supporters around the world are still striving to find the justice.

Photos from 19th ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent protest

The Sewol Ferry Tragedy Exhibition

“The Sewol Ferry Tragedy Exhibition”

Exhibition Date: Nov 28th – Dec 5th, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, Nov 28th, 6-8pm
Venue: Space Gabi, 290 5th Ave, NYC

12239882_10207693854041806_1716998082426592051_n 1797345_10207693848921678_5041144516499247744_n

It has been 570 days.
9 people are still missing,
The Sewol ferry has not been recovered.
Please don’t forget April 16th, 2014.
Come experience the dreams those children had.

This special “Sewol Ferry Tragedy Exhibition” will be held in memory of those lost on April 16th, 2014. Three hundred and four people (mostly high school students) died in the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. Nine people are still missing. The ferry has not been recovered. Above all, no one knows the truth behind this tragedy.

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