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Photos from 23rd ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent protest

Photos from 21st ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent protest

On 16th January 2016, we held the 21st ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent monthly protest to remember the Sewol disaster on 16 April 2014 and demand an independant inquiry and proper anti-disaster regulations from the South Korean government.

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Justice for ‘Comfort Women’ protest on 6 January 2016

20th ‘Stay Put’ monthly Sewol silent protest in London

Please note the next protest in December will be on the 2nd Saturday of the month as several regular attendees, including a family member of one of the Sewol victims, will be away for the Christmas break from the following weekend. Subsequent protests will continue on 3rd Saturdays of the month as usual in 2016.

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Photos from 19th ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent protest

Demotix, Silent protest in London remembers Sewol ferry disaster

Photo journalist, Peter Marshall, reports the 13th ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent protest in London on 16th May 2015

Click the below image to see more photos…1431867472-silent-protest-in-london-remembers-sewol-ferry-disaster_7629380

Demotix, Koreans continue silent protest for Sewol ferry disaster

Photo journalist, Mark Kerrison, reports the 13th ‘Stay Put’ Sewol silent protest in London

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