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Free Screening of “SEWOL” the Film

A special free screening of the newly released documentary film ‘SEWOL’ by Director Ok-Hee Jeong.

Director and Producer: Ok-Hee Jeong | 2015 | 79mins | Korean with English subtitles
Date and Time: Monday, 9 January 2017 18:30
Venue: Room B34, Birkbeck, University of London

The 9th January 2017 will be the 1000th day since the Sewol Ferry Disaster. Birkbeck International Documentary Society has chosen this newly released documentary “SEWOL” as their first screening for 2017. Director Ok-Hee Jeong has kindly permitted the society to screen it for free to raise awareness of this disaster widely.



A South Korean ferry named Sewol sank on the 16th of April 2014. 304 people died. 250 victims of them were teenagers who were from Danwon High School of the city Ansan and were on a class trip. The cruel tragedy: The experts say they could have been saved. Continue reading “Free Screening of “SEWOL” the Film”


“Diving Bell ; The Truth Shall Not Sink with Sewol” (Director’s cut / free release)

– invited by Busan International Film Festival (2014) and Salaya International Film Festival (2015)
– Grand Prix at Fukuoka Asian Film Festival (2015)

The Sewol ferry with 476 passengers onboard sank on April 16th, 2014. The passengers waited still, believing the statement “Wait in the cabin” from the captain.  However, at the same time the captain party boarded lifeboats in secret.

Continue reading ““Diving Bell ; The Truth Shall Not Sink with Sewol” (Director’s cut / free release)”

[Documentary] Fahrenheit 416

Director Kim Ji-young and Kim Ou-joon as a Producer are making a documentary on the Sewol ferry disaster titled, “Fahrenheit 416”, with a view to releasing in September 2015.

Project BU to fund the documentary:

Fahrenheit 416 trailer:

Papa Is, why did Sewol ferry travel in zigzag immediately prior to sinking?

Kim Ou-joon’s Papa Is‘ of HankyoreahTV is an internet TV programme discussing current affairs with guests.  It dedicated several sessions to the Sewol ferry disaster and Director Kim Ji-young who was commissioned to make it to a documentary.  Director Kim was researching into the disaster to understand how the sinking happened with a view to project it visually.  He went through any publicly available data relating to the disaster with a fine tooth comb and was able to produce the actual course of the ferry; it was traveling in zigzag immediately prior to sinking.  However, any announcements made by the authorities, apparently, do not show this information.

We are indebted to Niravana who took the task of making and putting English subtitles.

Continue reading “Papa Is, why did Sewol ferry travel in zigzag immediately prior to sinking?”

[Documentary] 200 days after the Sewol Ferry Disaster, “The Truth Shall Not Sink”

DocuCow (다큐창작소) made this documentary, “The Truth Shall Not Sink”, in Korean language to mark the 200 days after the Sewol Ferry Disaster.  It was felt that subtitles in different languages would help easy circulation and viewing of it widely.  With help of many volunteers, subtitles in Chinese, English and Japanese are now available.

Original in Korean language:

with English subtitles

with Japanese subtitles

with Chinese subtitles

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