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December 2016

BBC | Hillsborough campaigner Phil Scraton refuses OBE

Hillsborough campaigner Phil Scraton refuses OBE, explaining that successive governments had blocked the families’ quest for justice, and that he can not accept an award associated by name with imperialism.

“I could not receive an honour on the recommendation of those who remained unresponsive to the determined efforts of bereaved families and survivors to secure truth and justice.”

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In May 2016, Sewol family members visited the UK and met with Hillsborough victims’ families in Liverpool. 

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Free Screening of “SEWOL” the Film

A special free screening of the newly released documentary film ‘SEWOL’ by Director Ok-Hee Jeong.

Director and Producer: Ok-Hee Jeong | 2015 | 79mins | Korean with English subtitles
Date and Time: Monday, 9 January 2017 18:30
Venue: Room B34, Birkbeck, University of London

The 9th January 2017 will be the 1000th day since the Sewol Ferry Disaster. Birkbeck International Documentary Society has chosen this newly released documentary “SEWOL” as their first screening for 2017. Director Ok-Hee Jeong has kindly permitted the society to screen it for free to raise awareness of this disaster widely.



A South Korean ferry named Sewol sank on the 16th of April 2014. 304 people died. 250 victims of them were teenagers who were from Danwon High School of the city Ansan and were on a class trip. The cruel tragedy: The experts say they could have been saved. Continue reading “Free Screening of “SEWOL” the Film”

32nd ‘Stay Put’ Sewol Silent Protest in London doubled up as Investigate “Park Geun Hye” Protest and Candlelit Vigil

Following the vote to impeach Park Guen Hye over corruption and cronyism scandal, the 32nd monthly protest on 17th December 2016 focused on demanding a thorough investigation and imprisonment of loathed President.

One protestor wrote down all 304 victims names over one hour and a half to remember them and their families. Continue reading “32nd ‘Stay Put’ Sewol Silent Protest in London doubled up as Investigate “Park Geun Hye” Protest and Candlelit Vigil”

Arrest, Investigate, Imprison Park Geun-Hye!

Park Geun-Hye has finally lost the power she desperately clung to despite the largest public protests in South Korean history.

As the impeachment process begins, we now demand a thorough criminal investigation and punishment of Park and all her cronies. Koreans want an end to the corruption and elitism that Park and the Saenuri Party have represented. We must be vigilant that powerful forces do not begin a whitewash of Park’s disastrous presidency. Real change can only happen in South Korea by maintaining the public pressure that has brought the nation this far.  Continue reading “Arrest, Investigate, Imprison Park Geun-Hye!”

Remembering Sewol Disaster UK Statement on Park Geun Hye’s Presidential Announcement 29 November 2016

[Remembering Sewol Disaster UK Statement on Park Geun Hye’s Presidential Announcement 29 November 2016]

There is no cause yet to celebrate president Park Geun Hye’s announcement, apparently offering to let Parliament arrange her exit. In reality she is trying to avoid impeachment and delay her departure.

“If the governing and opposition parties inform me of the way to minimize the confusion and vacuum in state affairs and ensure a stable transfer of power, I will step down as president…”

So, even though she is at the centre of an enormous scandal and has the lowest public approval of any leader in South Korean history, Park reserves the right to approve parliamentary plans, which she knows could take considerable time. Talk of arranging a smooth transition is undoubtedly a coded message that she won’t step down unless impeachment is dropped. Any ongoing criminal investigation would be cited as the ‘instability’ and ‘confusion’ she insists must be absent in order to have her term shortened.

Park could, and should, have simply resigned today. Not one of the citizens taking to the streets has held up a placard saying, “negotiate with parliament a possible shortening of Park’s tenure”. The message from millions, “Park Geun Hye Resign!” is not difficult to understand.

Since the beginning of her presidency Park Geun Hye has been bad news for South Korea. The Sewol tragedy proved her to be an inept and heartless leader. There have been countless examples of dictatorship-style rule but it has taken the extraordinary drama of Choi-gate to galvanize near universal public condemnation of her presidency. Park’s announcement today represents an attempt to leave office without actually resigning and to retain a semblance of respectability. Most of all it is an attempt to evade justice.

Despite the announcement, Park Geun Hye’s immediate and unconditional resignation is still the only thing the Korean public will accept. Continue reading “Remembering Sewol Disaster UK Statement on Park Geun Hye’s Presidential Announcement 29 November 2016”

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